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Welcome to JR Johansen's Art

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ EVENT: Meeting of families of approximately 55 missionaries who have passed away while serving their missions.
1). To bring together families of missionaries who have passed while serving their missions.
2). To create an awareness of this project in hopes of locating other families who might like a portrait painted of their missionary.
HOST: JR Johansen, Artist who has painted all the portraits. Portraits are to be donated to all the families.
WHERE: Salt Lake City

October 5, 2018. This event is for family and friends only.

This annual event will be an opportunity for all families to get together and share feelings and thoughts with one another.
This event in Salt Lake is billed as "ANGELS AMONG US", where at least fifth five (55) portraits of missionaries will be on display. It will be a very rewarding and touching experience for all of them.

This project began about three years ago when I was asked to paint a portrait of a young Elder who was killed while serving his mission in Sweden. His portrait was part of an ‘Inspirational Art Association’ art show held annually at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC. Approximately 12,000 people visited the four day show. The portrait of Elder Mason Bailey was displayed and gained a good deal of attention, including an aunt of a sister missionary and the mother of another elder who was killed on his mission.
When asked if I would do a portrait of him I became aware that she knew of other families who had lost a missionary. Together we embarked upon a project of locating other families and offering to do portraits for them as well. This resulted in portraits being painted and donated to 20 families. All of those families were invited to attend this event. Nineteen of the 20 families attended. Some of the families had never met another family who had lost a missionary.

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Elder Hampton
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