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Missionary Page

This project began about two years ago when I was asked to paint a portrait of a young Elder who was killed while serving his mission in Sweden.  His portrait was part of an ‘Inspirational Art Association’ art show held annually at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC.

Approximately 12,000 people visited the four day show.  The portrait of Elder Mason Bailey was displayed and gained a good deal of attention, including the mother of another elder who was killed on his mission.  When asked if I would do a portrait of him I became aware that she knew of other families who had lost a missionary.
Together we embarked upon a project of locating other families and offering to do portraits for them as well.  This has resulted in portraits being painted and donated to at least 18 families.


ElderBarrett ElderBemjamin

Elder Barrett and Sister----------------Elder Jennings

ElderKunz ElderMcCauley

Elder Kunz-------------------------Elder McCauley

ElderSilcock ElderHunt

Elder Silcock-----------------------Elder Hunt

ElderWalker ElderWilliams

Elder Walker---------------------Elder Jack

Elder Hampton Elder Thredgold

Elder Hampton------------Elder Thredgold

Elder Wilberg Sister Barnard

Elder Wilberg------------Sister Barnard

Sister Vea Sister Wells

Sister Vea-----------------Sister Wells

Elder Perazzo Elder Winters

Elder Perazzo -------------------Elder Winters


Elder Patiole Elder Brown

Elder Patiole ---------------- Elder Brown

Elder Brandt Elder Waymen

Elder Brandt -------------------- Elder Waymen

Elder Wagner Elder Bolander

Elder Wagner ------------------ Elder Bolander

Elder Boivie Elder Day

Elder Boivie --------------------- Elder Day

Elder Driggs Elder Precott

Elder Driggs --------------------- Elder Prescott

Elder Burton

Elder Burton





Elder Bailey


Sister Scadlock


Elder Xiong

Sister Jeppson

Sister Jeppson

Sister Kaitlin

Sister Lierler