Painted with Pastel Chalks  
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A deposit of 25% of the total amount due will be required before the painting will begin. This deposit also covers shipping if shipped within the Continental U.S.  This payment can be made by Pay Pal, cashier check, or money order.  Pay Pal protects you and me.


Shipping is free anywhere within the continental U.S.

Portraits can be shipped anywhere in the world. They will be shipped in a polyurethane tube which will protect it from any damage.  Actual cost for shipping outside the Continental U.S. will be added to the total price of theportrait and needs to be paid at the time of the 25% down payment.

Portraits can also be framed and crated for shipping. Utah is a relatively inexpensive place to get framing done, but the cost of packaging and shipping would greatly increase the cost. But, it can be done if the buyer so desires it.  Framing would have to be paid before those arrangements were made. I frame at Bev’s Imports in Ogden, Utah.  Their website is bevsimports.blogspot.com



Cost of the portrait will depend upon the quality of the original photo and any adjustments desired by the buyer. PRICES for Full Color hand painted pastel portraits range from $400.00 and up.  Monochrome portraits can be less.

  • A $400.00 portrait would consist of a single person (19" X 25" canvas size), approximately life-size, from mid-shoulder to top of head.
  • Each additional person on a single surface (19" X 25") would cost approximately $250.00.
  • A maximum or three persons would fit on a (19" X 25") surface and would cost approximately $750.00.
  • Portraits can also be done on 30”X 40” Mat Boards with a larger quantity of people in the portrait.
  • Prints of the original portrait can be made for an additional fee (usually $10-$63 and whether printed as a Giclee on canvas or as a standard photo print). 
  • They are a good idea as gifts for other family members or friends.


Note:   All arrangements for custom portraits must be made before the project can begin.  You can contact me any week day Monday-Friday, 11:00 AM Eastern time until 4:00 PM Pacific time by calling JR at:  (385) 244-7027.